Suffolk Mattress

The Suffolk mattress uses a classic, century-old design combining a durable, high quality spring with thick layers of cotton and wool in an organic cotton case. This mattress is flippable, which allows the natural fibres to rest and bounce back after being compressed. (We recommend flipping it every 3 months). Easily our most popular option for children and teens, but a favourite for all ages.

This is a medium-firm mattress, perfect for those who like a little softness with plenty of support. Please note: unlike our other mattress models, the firmness of the Suffolk cannot be adjusted.

More Information

Choose from Bonnell* or pocket coil springs:

Pocket coil springs are the most popular with adults, as they provide ample support with some contouring effect (to ease pressure points), and minimize movement transfer between partners. A Suffolk with pocket coil springs has a height of approximately 13".

Bonnell springs are a time-tested traditional design with a firmer, more uniform support and bouncier feel, and are especially popular with children - for both sleeping and jumping on (But we don't encourage jumping, of course...). A Suffolk with Bonnell springs has a height of approximately 12".

*The Bonnell option is only available for twin and full sizes. 

See our Choosing a Mattress Guide for more details on spring types, and to compare models.

**Current build time for mattresses, bases and toppers is approximately 6 weeks from the date you place your order due to supplier delays. If the materials are available, your mattress may be completed sooner. If you require it by a particular day, please contact us to discuss options.