2021 Christmas Gift Guide! Save 10%!

It's the most wonderful time of the year... or maybe not so wonderful if you have a long Christmas list of people that seem to already have everything. But fear not! We're here to help alleviate the Christmas shopping stress.

This year we're bringing you 8 unique Christmas bundles of our favourite items. 
Only available for November and December. Save 10% on bundles!

We're certain that you'll find the perfect gift no matter who you're buying for. 

Gifts for the little ones

Little Lamb Bundle

Starts at $84

Loved by many, the 100% organic cotton blanket is the perfect size for toddlers and young kids to snuggle up with (might we add, they're great to throw on your lap when you're sitting at your desk on chilly, work mornings too). Add in our 100% wool sheep toy and you have the perfect pairing for nap time. 

Baby Essentials Bundle

Say congratulations by gifting this incredible package of goodness! High quality products that are safe for all the little fingers. Impress them with an unconventional, unique baby gift (we are called Black Sheep after all). 

Gifts for stress relief

Wellness Bundle
Starts at $187

A perfectly, unique gift for the wellness lover trying to elevate their bed time routine. Spritz the magnesium spray onto your body, some Breathe Easy onto your bedding and then dive into your new plush, latex pillow. Here come the Zzz...

Relaxation Bundle

Starts at $167

Snuggle up on the couch, breathe deeply and let the stress of the day wash away. Spritz the Calm mist onto your new sheep companion, around the room, or onto your new cozy blanket for a perfect evening wind-down. Now inhale and exhale...

Gifts for better sleep

Mattress Essentials Bundle
Starts at $333

The perfect gift for anyone with a Black Sheep mattress, or frankly any mattress! You can never have too many sheets or protectors (especially when they're this nice).
Buy it for yourself, we won't tell. 

Fresh Linens Bundle

Starts at $183

New year, new sheets! Give the gift of warm, fresh washed linens for that hard working person in your life. Toss the wool balls into the dryer for an extra soft, fluffy finish. Take your fresh, warm sheets and give them a spritz of your favourite linen spray, and tada! A great, healthy alternative to heavily fragranced dryer sheets. Already have enough linens? Check out our Eco Bundle below!

Stocking stuffers and little thank yous

Eco Bundle


Throw in our repurposed wool dryer balls into the dryer to soften your sheets and reduce drying time by 30%. Once that’s finished, spray your favourite linen spray onto your warm, fluffy laundry. This bundle is a great eco-friendly, natural alternative to dryer sheets (you can even change up your linen spray to suit your mood!). Now what to do with all that time that you’ve saved.

Festive Bundle


Spritz your new ornament with the warm, spicy fragrance of the Chai Latte spray to freshen up your tree for the perfect, cozy Christmas. The perfect little stocking stuffer or gift for your coworker! 

A Gift You Can't Go Wrong With

And for those who are done with exchanging gifts, why not upgrade the house instead?

Give the gift of great sleep and health by gifting a custom Black Sheep mattress

It's a gift that is guaranteed to keep on giving for many more years.

Happy Holidays!