Community & Sustainability

We’re big on the idea of “thinking globally, acting locally”.

For us this means keeping our footprint on the planet small, creating products that are built to last, sourcing clean natural materials always, forgoing materials and chemicals with a negative impact on human health and the environment, and supporting local organizations and businesses as much as possible.  

We are ongoing members of Green Calgary and REAP Business Association, and publish a Local Business Blog that highlights companies making a positive impact on their communities. 

Mattress Recycling Program

Currently, Canadians dispose of 6 million mattresses a year - a significant burden on city landfills and the environment. As such, we offer a free mattress recycling service with all of our local deliveries. When we deliver your new mattress, we take your unwanted mattress (and box spring too!) to local heroes, Re-Matt Inc. who break down beds into their raw materials. Some of these materials are recycled, others are used to create new, useful items such as moving pads and firewood bundles, to name a few. See our blog post for more info. 

Renewable Energy

Since 2011, we have been offsetting our energy use with Bullfrog Power. Bullfrog applies green electricity and natural gas sources such as wind, water, solar, and biofuel to the grid on our behalf, to offset our yearly estimated energy consumption. Read more about how it works