Organic & All Natural Mattresses

At Black Sheep Mattress, all of our mattresses, bases, toppers, and pillows are made from 100% natural materials, and organic materials whenever possible. We do not use flame retardants, dyes, chemicals, or synthetic materials of any kind.

Our high standards for materials that benefit both human and environmental health set us apart from the competition. 

Organic & Natural Cotton

We use organic cotton whenever possible, but ensure that all of our cotton suppliers adhere to high environmental standards, with zero pesticide use. Over 95% of our stock comes from North America. 

West Coast Wool

Naturally mold, mildew and dust resistant, wool is breathable, temperature-regulating and fire resistant too. Our supply comes from mills along the West Coast. 

100% Natural Latex

Natural latex comes from the sap of the rubber tree, and is know for it's long-lasting durability and springiness. Our latex is 100% natural - absolutely no synthetics added. Hot sleepers are frequently amazed at how much cooler and drier they sleep on natural latex compared to synthetic foam. 

    About Our Mattresses

    Handcrafted Locally 

    We custom build every mattress by hand, using traditional techniques. All mattresses are made with care in our Calgary workshop.

    Versatile & Customizable Design 

    Our versatile designs can be customized to your sleeping needs for the exact support and plushness of your choosing. We also provide a free 90 day adjustment, if you decide after sleeping on it that you need a softer or firmer bed. 

    Perfect For Couples 

    For our King and Queen sizes, each partner chooses their ideal softness/firmness for their side, so they get exactly what they want. Our all-latex mattress also eliminates motion transfer, so you'll never be disturbed by your partner's movements again. 

    Explore Our Models

    The Suffolk: The Most Affordable

    The Devon: The Most Popular

    The Oxford: The Most Versatile 

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