Organic Masks Pricing Update

Wow and whoops!....

Our original intention was to make a few masks for friends and customers as a little side project while mattress sales have slowed, but things went supernova (at least for a sleepy little mattress shop), and we had to stop sales after just a few hours. We had more emails and orders in an afternoon than we typically have in a month. 

Initially, we aimed low with our pricing. We figured it was just a few hours of sewing, some of our organic fabric, and who knows, maybe we’d sell some masks and donate a few. If it ended up costing us more than we were selling them for, it wasn’t such a big deal because we’re talking about a few dozen masks. Instead, we sold several times what we planned and the whole team had to get involved Saturday afternoon. We were up until almost 2am; cutting, sewing, answering emails, and figuring out logistics.

We were very hesitant to change the price, as we wanted this product to be as accessible as possible, but we do have to cover our costs. Our labour costs are not what they are in other parts of the world, and we’re not Amazon - each item is made by hand, packaged and shipped by real people. We’re asking only what we need to keep up production and quality, pay our sewers and admin staff fairly, and donate a portion of our masks to those who can’t afford or access them at all, such as drop-in centres, shelters, etc. This is a particularly important piece for us.

The price has also gone up because we upgraded the design. The main improvement was going from 3 size options to a single, adjustable size. While this means a little more work, our masks are now one size fits all, so customers don’t have to spend time figuring out which size they need.

To keep it transparent, here is what our price covers:

Materials 25%
Production 45%
Admin & Handling 30%

Finally, even with all hands on deck, we can only make so many at once. We’re more used to making these big comfy things you sleep on -  so this is a bit different for us - but we’re working as hard and as fast as we can. Please allow some time for us to make and deliver these masks, and thank you again for supporting our little company.

Stay safe,

-The Black Sheep Family