AREA Product Care


All AREA bedding items can be machine washed.

  • Wash bedding before use in warm or cold water on the regular or gentle cycle.
  • Wash bedding separately from other laundry (separating light and dark colors).
  • Remove damp bedding promptly from the washer and shake out before drying to reduce wrinkling.
  • Do not use softeners, it is not needed.


    • Tumble dry on low or medium heat and be careful not to over-dry. Over-drying makes fabrics brittle and causes shrinking and wrinkling.
    • Remove from the dryer when slightly damp to avoid excess wrinkling.
    • Do not use dryer sheets.
    • Empty the lint filter before drying.


    • Use mild detergent.
    • Use less detergent than the manufacturer recommends (too much detergent weakens the fibers over time).
    • Fill the washer with water before adding detergent. Do not put detergent directly on fabrics to avoid discoloration.
    • Use non-chlorine bleach on whites, but only if necessary. Chlorine bleach wears down fibers and can cause yellowing.
    • Avoid fabric softener. It coats the surface and weakens the fabric. AREA bedding softens naturally.


    • Iron while linens are still damp.
    • If dry, dampen linens with water (spray onto cloth).
    • Use a steam iron on warm (never a hot, dry iron).


    All AREA bedding that is marked machine-washable allows for shrinkage; however, washing in hot water and over drying can cause excessive shrinkage.