Think globally, act locally. 

Black Sheep Mattress is committed to serving our community and supporting other local businesses and organizations. Whether this be by donating items, producing custom products, or creating relationships with other like minded Canadians. With our collective efforts, we strive to help build a community that has passionate businesses, supports local families, and adds more character for the city that future generations will call home. 

Two sheep, one white, one black, laying beside each other

Here are a few recent initiatives we partook in and some friends we made along the way! Click into each section to read more about them.

We Love Sheep

At Black Sheep, we always try to source our materials as locally as possible. However, sometimes there are no options for certain types of materials available in our area - or even close to our area, as is the case with our wool batting. But, we still try to be involved in our local wool community and do anything we can to strengthen the wool industry in Canada. Learn more about our partners and how are doing our best to bring Canadian wool back to the market.

Community Memberships

We are proud to be ongoing members of REAP Business Association (Be Local).
Learn more about our community memberships.

Black Sheep Donations

We love to support causes that we are passionate about! In recent years, we have donated items for silent auctions, run special promotions for organizations and their workers, as well as organized face mask donations to local companies, donated our raw cotton to local beekeepers, and more! 

We hope to continue contributing to these causes and many others in the future to help support these organizations and their hard working team.