Choosing a Mattress

Not sure where to start? If you’re new to Black Sheep, it can feel like there’s a lot to learn. We’ve got three different mattress models and while they’re all equally as great, choosing one that works the best for your unique needs is important.
Here are some easy steps to follow to find the mattress of your dreams:

1. Choose a Model
2. Choose a Firmness
3. Choose a Height (For the Oxford)

Step 1: Choose A Model

We offer 3 models of mattresses: the Oxford (natural latex),
 the Devon (hybrid), and the Suffolk (spring-based). 

The Oxford (Latex) 

  • Made from 100% natural Talalay latex
  • Natural pushback, unlike memory foam
  • Sturdy and supportive feel
  • Great for reducing motion transfer
  • Adjustable base compatible
  • Highly customizable - choose from 5 levels of firmness or call us for more options (see Step 2)
  • Comes in dual profile for Queen and King size - minimizes movement transfer and each partner can choose their desired firmness level
  • Adjustable down the road
  • Choose from 7”, 9", or 12" mattress height (see Step 3)
  • Flip and/or rotate by handling individual layers, easier to handle than spring mattress
Graphic of our three Oxford mattresses, on the left the Oxford 7" with 3 layers of natural latex, the Oxford 9" in the middle with 4 layers of natural latex, and the Oxford 12" on the right with 5 layers of natural latex.

    The Devon (Hybrid) 

    • A hybrid spring-core mattress, with a layer of 100% natural talalay latex on either side of the spring for customizable firmness
    • Hand-tufted and built in an English style
    • Pocket coil springs which are conforming to the body
    • Great for those who like a spring feel
    • Customizable with 5 firmnesses to choose from
    • Comes in split profile for Queen and King - each partner can choose their desired firmness level
    • Double-sided and flippable
    Graphic of our Devon Hybrid Mattress with an internal cross section of wool batting, natural latex, and pocket coil springs.

      The Suffolk (Spring)

      • A traditional spring-based mattress with cotton and wool batting
      • Hand-tufted and built in an English style
      • Pocket coil springs which are conforming to the body
      • Comes in medium-firm only
      • Our most popular choice for children, but a favorite for all ages
      • Requires flipping every 2 months
      • Flippable and rotatable 
      Graphic of our Suffolk Spring Mattress, with a cross section showing wool batting, cotton batting, and pocket coil springs.

      Compare Models

      Graphic showing comparison of mattress models.

      Step 2: Choose a Firmness

      If you’ve selected the
      Suffolk mattress, you’ve already opted for a medium-firm feel.
      If you’ve chosen the
      Devon or Oxford model, you can choose from a range of options.

      The best firmness for you is determined both by sleeping position and personal preference. We use a 5 point scale for firmness:

      1 = Soft: Great for pressure point issues or side sleepers who like a very soft feel. Ideal for those who find most mattresses too firm.
      2 = Medium-Soft: Best for side sleepers and those seeking pressure point relief.
      3 = Medium: A great middle ground, can be supportive enough for back and front sleepers, but soft enough for side sleepers.
      4 = Medium-Firm: Best for back and stomach sleepers. Supportive but with mild contouring effect. Minimal sink feel.
      5 = Firm: Highly supportive, minimal to no sink or hugging feel. 

        Step 3: Choose a Height 

        (For the Oxford) 

        Our Oxford mattress comes in three heights: 7”, 9”, 12”, determined by the amount of latex layers inside.
        Click into the dropdowns below to determine the best Oxford for you.

        Oxford 7" (3 Layers)

        • With 3 layers of latex, the 7” performs best for those seeking a medium-firm to firm feel, and provides the most comfortable price point for the all-latex model. All the benefits of the Oxford model with none of the bulk.

        Oxford 9" (4 Layers)

        • Likely our most popular option, the 9” Oxford provides the lavishness of 4 layers of latex, and can accommodate a range of firmnesses.

        Oxford 12" (5 Layers)

        • The 12” is the most robust and luxurious option. The 5 layers of latex allow for a high degree of customization from very soft to very firm. For those seeking the ultimate plush feel, or the grandeur of a higher profile, we recommend the 12".

        Questions? Special requests?
        Contact us.

        If you have questions or concerns, just get in touch. We’re happy to walk you through the process in our shop, over the phone or by email.

        Because each of our mattresses are made to order in our shop, we can further customize your bed if need be.
        contact us to discuss options for exceptional softness or firmness outside of our typical range, as well as custom sizes or heights.