Personalized Service

No-Pressure Showroom

Not sure where to start in your mattress shopping or feeling overwhelmed?

This is another reason why we believe we’re the true black sheep of the industry.

Unlike traditional mattress sales experiences, we strive for a no-pressure environment and provide people with adequate time and space to explore all the options we offer. We take the time to develop an authentic relationship with each customer that walks through our door, determining your unique sleeping preferences so we can build you the perfect mattress for your needs. 

On top of that, we love showing our customers where the magic happens! Visit our showroom and get a behind the scenes look at our workshop.

Knowledgeable Experts

At Black Sheep, you're not told what mattress to get, you're given detailed information on the different materials, models, and tips to help you choose your perfect custom mattress.
Need more time? We welcome everyone to come back as many times as they need to make a comfortable, confident decision. 

To visit our showroom & learn more from knowledgable staff, visit our contact us page for our location & hours.

Phone Consultation

Unable to visit our showroom? We offer full-service phone consultations for people who are looking for the showroom experience but unable to make it in. Speak to one of our experts as they walk you through the different models and answer any questions you have regarding mattress models, shipping, delivery, quotes, and more. Call us at your convenience or send us an email - we would love to connect!

Mattresses Made For You

Your Black Sheep mattress isn't pulled from a shelf full of stock, we build it to order, from scratch, to your custom specifications. Choose your firmness, case material, and size. Have allergies or sensitivities? We can work with you to build a mattress that meets your specific needs. We also do custom work like RV and camper mattresses, day beds, and European sized frames. Contact us for a quote on custom projects.

90 Day Adjustment

For our in town customers, we provide a 90 day adjustment opportunity with our Devon and Oxford model (*adjustment only available on Oxfords for customers out of town). Sleep on the mattress for a few weeks and if you find the firmness isn't quite right, reach out to our team and we will happily adjust the mattress to get you comfortable. Being local means we're just one phone call or email away.  


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