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Calgary Mattress Flipping Service

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Most of our products are built to order. Below are our current lead times.
Please contact us if you need your order by a certain date.

Mattresses: 4-5 weeks
Crib Mattresses: 1-2 weeks
Toppers: 2-3 weeks
Bases: 2-3 weeks
Slats, Bunkie Boards: 1-2 weeks
Accessories & Bedding (protectors, pillows, sheet sets, linen sprays, masks, toys, dryer balls): Shipped out in 2-6 days.

For our local customers in Calgary, we now offer a mattress flipping service for any of our Black Sheep mattresses. 

Our mattresses are built to be flipped regularly and doing so ensures their longevity but we understand, it can be a struggle! Natural materials are comfortable, beautiful, and so healthy, but unfortunately, they can also be dense and heavy. This is the only downside to natural mattresses in comparison to those which are made from synthetic materials or foams.

For this reason, if you’d like to forgo doing the heavy lifting yourself, you are welcome to book our mattress flipping service and our team will come out to flip the mattress for you! The best way to get peace of mind, you can rest easy knowing your beautiful natural mattress will last for many years to come. 

Our flipping service is booked as a one-time flip.
Once you make your purchase, we will give you a phone call to schedule your flip.

Some Fine Print

  • Please ensure the space around your bed is cleared, especially of anything fragile. 
  • Our team reserves the right to refuse service if the home/room contains hazards (health or otherwise), or is not hygienic.
  • We only flip Black Sheep mattresses, we do not flip mattresses that are not made by us.
  • We can flip multiple mattresses in the same household (same price), just let us know how many of our mattresses you have upon booking.
  • There is a chance your flip will have to be rebooked due to poor weather conditions, staff unavailability, or mandated Covid regulations. You will be contacted to book a different date if that is the case. 

Which Mattresses Can Be Flipped?

All of them! The spring core mattresses (Suffolk & Devon) can be flipped end to end or rotated. For the all latex mattresses (Oxfords), we will open up the mattress and flip & rotate the internal layers.

Please note that we only flip Black Sheep mattresses, we do not flip mattresses that are not made by us.

How often should my mattress be flipped?

Suffolk: Every 2 months
Devon: Once every season, 3-4 times a year
Oxford: Once every season, 3-4 times a year 

For more care information, please visit our Product Care Guide.

Did you know?
Your mattress Plants a Tree

We've partnered with Wearth Farms to plant a tree on your behalf.

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