We Love Sheep

If you've ever visited our Instagram, you must know how much we love sheep.

While we try our best to source natural materials that are produced as locally as possible (check out our materials page for more info), it's not always possible to find what we need close to us. Unfortunately, at this point in time, Canadian wool is quite difficult to source (we hope this changes in the future!) but we are still trying to do our part to support local farmers and those who can make real change in the Canadian wool industry.

See below for some sheep friends we love.

Providence Lane Homestead

Black Sheep is always looking for ways to support and collaborate with our local farmers. Tara Klager of Providence Lane Homestead kindly invited us out to the farm in summer 2022 so we could see first-hand, the care and work that goes into building a sustainable fibre farm the traditional way!

Sheep at Providence Lane Homestead
Providence Lane Homestead is a small-scale regenerative fibre farm (mainly of heritage breed sheep and alpaca) located on Treaty 7 traditional territory right here in Alberta. Tara is a graduate of the permaculture design course with Oregon State University and brings permaculture practices, as well as a deep respect for the care and knowledge of so many who have worked and lived on this land before her arrival at the farm in 2015. In 2022, Providence Lane became the first Canadian fibre farm to receive the Animal Welfare Approved (AWA) certification.

They focus on three core principles: care for each other, care for the earth, and fair share.

Canadian sheep

What do we love about Providence? 

  • Animal Welfare Approved (AWA) certified meaning they meet the highest standards of ethical animal welfare practices
  • Their focus on heritage breeds and preserving endangered breeds
  • Their approach to building great things over generations rather than focusing on quick and easy
  • Their sheep are adorable (need we say more?)


Alpaca at Providence Lane Homestead

We're working on some interesting collaborations so keep an eye out for updates!