Rolled up natural wool duvet made in Calgary, AB by Black Sheep Mattress Company
Natural wool duvet made in Calgary, AB by Black Sheep Mattress Company
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Natural wool duvet made in Calgary, AB by Black Sheep Mattress Company

Wool Duvet

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Filled with natural wool batting and quilted into 100% organic cotton muslin, our luxurious Wool Duvet brings the ultimate year-round comfort - staying cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

Always looking to support our local community, we’ve partnered with Custom Woolen Mills in Carstairs, AB, to card and sew our wool into these beautiful duvets. 

Dimensions and Weights

Twin/Twin XL:
88"L x 70"W (3lbs of wool)

Full/Queen: 88"L x 88"W (4lbs of wool)

King: 88"L x 105"W (5lbs of wool)

Duvet and duvet cover sizing does vary from brand to brand. A duvet cover that is 2" smaller than the duvet itself will create a snug fit.


100% wool batting

  • No insecticide soap is used on our wool. The wool is minimally processed, and conditioned when carding with a natural recipe of olive oil, rubbing alcohol, and soy lecithin.

100% organic cotton muslin, GOTS certified

Benefits of Wool

Temperature regulating

  • Known for sleeping cool in the summer and warm in the winter, this property of wool eliminates the need for multiple sets of bedding during the year. This insulating property is also excellent for couples with different sleep temperatures, as wool regulates these differences and ensures a comfortable sleep for both partners.

Moisture wicking

  • A surface that remains dry to the touch, wool can absorb up to 30% of its weight in water without feeling damp, making it comfortable to sleep under even for those who sweat during the night or live in humid climates.

Water, mold, mildew, and dust resistant

  • Wool creates a naturally anti-microbial environment as it quickly absorbs and releases moisture. The thin waxy coating of the fibre contains fatty acids that inhibit the growth of mold, mildew, and bacteria.

Natural fire retardant

  • Eliminates the need to use chemicals and doesn’t ignite or flame easily. Wool is also self-extinguishing, and does not melt, stick, or release highly toxic fumes while burning the way synthetic materials do. 

About Custom Woolen Mills

Custom Woolen Mills is a small, family owned and operated woolen mill located near Carstairs, AB, and they have been producing wool on machines that date back to 1886 for nearly 35 years.

Using a quilting machine invented and hand-built in 1945 by John Weselowski, a mill owner in Manitoba, the stitching pattern seen on our duvets is unique to their machine and cannot be found anywhere else.

We’ve partnered with Custom Woolen Mills to reprocess the excess wool from our mattress-building process by carding (brushing the wool fibers with wire teeth to align the fibers, turning it from clumps of wool into batting) and sewing the wool into our organic cotton muslin fabric to make for beautiful, natural wool duvets, a perfect addition to our line of natural sleep products.

Product Care

For the best care, we recommend sun bleaching and using a duvet protector.
Washing in a top-loading washing machine is also an option but it is very important to not agitate the wool.

Please read through detailed care instructions here.

Wool batting has a natural scent, as it is not treated with any chemicals. For this reason, we recommend taking the duvet out of the bag to air out before putting a cover on it.

Duvet cover is not included.

Did you know?
Your mattress Plants a Tree

We've partnered with Wearth Farms to plant a tree on your behalf.

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Ken Kleiner

We love the way this keeps us toasty warm but not hot. The natural fibres for our mindset as well. Thank you for a great product.

Hi Ken, thank you for the review! Wool is just a natural wonder, so when it’s a wool duvet it’s just extra goodness. So happy to hear you’re enjoying the duvet!


So cozy and amazing quality! It's nice and dense but breathes really well. It holds its shape really nicely in the duvet cover and doesn't migrate off the bed when we're sleeping (added bonus)! Love it and would recommend!

Hi Kristin, we’re excited to hear that you’re liking the wool duvet! It’s such a nice addition to the sleeping experience, during both colder and warmer seasons. You’ll get to enjoy it all season round! Bonus that it’s not a runaway duvet.

Karl Gasser
Awesome Duvet

Love the Wool duvet, had a down duvet for the last 25 years. No fluffing needed as it stays in a perfect shape.
Having great sleeps.

Hi Karl, so glad you’re loving the new wool duvet! It’s perfect company to a cozy sleep. Thank you for your support!

Wow, what a difference!

I had a microfibre duvet before and I was sleeping so hot! This wool duvet is just such a luxurious experience compared to my old duvet. It’s a lighter blanket so it works all season, but still very effectively warm in the winter and it’s an airy feeling because it’s breathable. So happy I decided to get this duvet. It’s a wonderful sleep experience!

Hi Sarah, thank you for taking the time to leave us a review! The wool duvet is a new addition, so it’s nice to hear that the way we made it is working so well for you. We’re glad we were able to help you with transforming your sleep experience. We appreciate your words and support!


This duvet is so cozy, comfortable, and warm (but not hot)! You can visibly see every bit of care that went into the making of this quilted duvet. The weight and feel of it is exactly that of a heirloom quilt. While it may not be as plush as a conventional synthetic or down duvet, you’ll notice the difference in your comfort and sleep within the first night of use! I am so thrilled with this purchase and will be purchasing from black sheep again. Be prepared for your animals to love it as much as you do!

Hi Renoir, thank you so much for taking the time to write this about the wool duvet! We partnered with an amazing woolen mill in Carstairs, AB to develop this duvet. It’s definitely a more unique experience compared to conventional duvets because of the use of wool, but it also comes with all the benefits of it, and it’s so lovely that your animals love it as well. Thank you for your support!