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Devon Mattress
Kelli Payne
Devon mattress

We received the Devon mattress in early January of this year. Best mattress that we have ever had!

Thank you Kelli, it's great to know that you're loving the Devon. Many sweet dreams!

Wool Duvet

So cozy and amazing quality! It's nice and dense but breathes really well. It holds its shape really nicely in the duvet cover and doesn't migrate off the bed when we're sleeping (added bonus)! Love it and would recommend!

Hi Kristin, we’re excited to hear that you’re liking the wool duvet! It’s such a nice addition to the sleeping experience, during both colder and warmer seasons. You’ll get to enjoy it all season round! Bonus that it’s not a runaway duvet.

Great pillow

It took a bit of adjustment coming from a traditional feather pillow but it's much more supportive as a side sleeper. I used to have neck and shoulder pain when waking up but it's much improved.

Hi Silas, thank you for your review of the natural latex pillow. Latex pillows definitely feel more support and have more rebound than a traditional feather pillow. It’s a great choice for a side sleeper! We’re so glad to hear that you’re waking up feeling better. Wishing you many more nights of restful sleep!

Suffolk Mattress
Justine Ball
Best sleep

My son and I love our new mattresses. I find it hard to get out of bed in the morning because it’s so cozy. They are beautifully made, almost sad to cover them up.

Hi Justine, thank you for choosing Black Sheep for your family! It’s so nice to hear that you’re liking your mattresses so much that it’s hard to get out of bed. We hope it doesn’t make for late mornings, but otherwise we are happy to know they’re so cozy for you.

Deep sleep - thank you Black Sheep!

We are so pleased with our locally made mattress, the delivery and shopping experience as well as the temperature regulation of the non-toxic materials. We went firmer than previous mattresses and haven't looked back, we sleep comfortably all night and wake up well rested. Cannot recommend this company enough, telling all our friends and family.

Hi Victoria,

Thank you for choosing Black Sheep Mattress! So glad your experience from the mattress, the store and the delivery was a great experience. Have many nights of restful sleep!

Suffolk Mattress
Jennifer S.
Best mattress!

Our queen suffolk mattress is super comfortable, you can feel the superb quality! And we love that there was no off gassing with our new mattress due to the fabulous healthy materials it is made from. The company has really great customer service as well. Highly recommend!

Hi Jennifer,

The Suffolk is a wonderful choice! It’s all natural fibres luxury and of course healthy as well. Glad to hear you are loving it!

Amazing Pillow

Prior to owning this pillow I’ve gone through so many and have had issues with my back muscles constantly getting into knots. After using this pillow now for over a month it’s been just incredible and totally worth the purchase. I wouldn’t think twice about purchasing another in the future.

Hi Mark,

We’re so glad that we are a part of your sleeping better now. Enjoy your pillow for many years to come!

BEST mattress

We just bought this mattress and have absolutely loved it. Perfect firmness, I just love laying down every night!
Great customer service. Highly recommend this wonderful local company!

Hi Justine,

Thank you for your kind words and for choosing us as a part of your sleep journey!

Suffolk Mattress
Lovely big kid bed

My son recently moved in to his first big kid bed. He woke up after his first night and said "I love my bed, do I get to keep it?"
It is so comfortable and we all sleep better knowing it's made from natural materials. Thanks Black Sheep.

That’s so precious! We’re happy to hear he loves his first big kid bed. Wishing him many nights of sound sleep and sweet dreams.

Suffolk Mattress
Dwayne Zaba

A beautiful, firm mattress and outstanding service!

Hi Dwayne, thank you for your review! Enjoy plenty of sleep and sweet dreams on the Suffolk.

Worth every penny

We have had our bed for just over a month, and I’ve been late for work 3 times from oversleeping. Thanks for making me sleep like a baby again!

Hi Mike, we’re glad you’re sleeping so well on the Oxford, and we’re sorry for making you late for work! Wishing you plenty of good sleep without being late for work again.

Wool Duvet
Karl Gasser
Awesome Duvet

Love the Wool duvet, had a down duvet for the last 25 years. No fluffing needed as it stays in a perfect shape.
Having great sleeps.

Hi Karl, so glad you’re loving the new wool duvet! It’s perfect company to a cozy sleep. Thank you for your support!

Wool Dryer Balls (Set of 3)
Aurelia Saccomani

Wool Dryer Balls (Set of 3)

Thank you Aurelia, we hope your team loves the dryer balls!

Great pillow, recommended.

I have been searching for the right pillow forever as I prefer flat and soft pillow that still provides support. Since I have been using this pillow for over a month, I have not had discomfort feeling in my neck while sleeping. My sleep is definitely deeper and more restful.

Hi Kris, thank you! Squishy cloud-like pillows definitely equal to a love you need for a good nights sleep.

Like hugging a cloud when you sleep

That’s the review. If you like squishing clouds in order to sleep - you’ll love these pillows. They squish however you want them to. Unlike the boyfriend you’re trying to cuddle with. Pick the pillow. It loves you more.

Hi Kris, happy to hear that you’re loving the pillow and that it’s as good… or even better than a boyfriend! Wishing you plenty of sweet dreams.

When I tell you this is the best mattress ever

No seriously. It’s the best mattress ever. Nothing compares to u? No. Nothing compares to this mattress. I got my side softer than Daryl’s Super Soft Birthday Party. (1-1-2-5-5) and my hubby got his at between a soft and a medium (1-2-4-5-5). I just flipped mine to try it at 2-1-1-5-5 (because can YOU change the firmness of YOUR mattress whenever you want? Didn’t think so, JANICE) and I love it even more. THERE’S ALSO 90 DAYS TO DECIDE IF YOU WANT TO ADJUST THE FIRMNESS. How’s that for stellar service.

Just go buy the mattress? Why are you waiting? Your best sleep is waiting!

Hi Kris, this is amazing! We really enjoyed reading your review and super glad you love your Oxford. Wishing you the best sleep!

Oxford 12" Latex Mattress
Sue and Bill Bradley
Best bed ever!

After the first night of sleep on this new Oxford mattress, 10 years of back pain magically disappeared. Feels like we are sleeping inside a warm (but not too hot) hug all night. Thank you for exceptional service ! No hardcore pushy salesmanship just competence from the moment we entered the showroom and dealt with Sarah to the delivery and install by Matt and Matt (very appropriate names for mattress delivery guys!)

Hi Sue & Bill, that’s so great to hear that you’ve been sleeping better now with the Oxford! It’s so nice to hear it’s like the hug you needed for a good sleep and that it even helped with your back pain. We’ll let our team know that you appreciated working with them. Thank you!

Wow, what a difference!

I had a microfibre duvet before and I was sleeping so hot! This wool duvet is just such a luxurious experience compared to my old duvet. It’s a lighter blanket so it works all season, but still very effectively warm in the winter and it’s an airy feeling because it’s breathable. So happy I decided to get this duvet. It’s a wonderful sleep experience!

Hi Sarah, thank you for taking the time to leave us a review! The wool duvet is a new addition, so it’s nice to hear that the way we made it is working so well for you. We’re glad we were able to help you with transforming your sleep experience. We appreciate your words and support!

This duvet is so cozy, comfortable, and warm (but not hot)! You can visibly see every bit of care that went into the making of this quilted duvet. The weight and feel of it is exactly that of a heirloom quilt. While it may not be as plush as a conventional synthetic or down duvet, you’ll notice the difference in your comfort and sleep within the first night of use! I am so thrilled with this purchase and will be purchasing from black sheep again. Be prepared for your animals to love it as much as you do!

Hi Renoir, thank you so much for taking the time to write this about the wool duvet! We partnered with an amazing woolen mill in Carstairs, AB to develop this duvet. It’s definitely a more unique experience compared to conventional duvets because of the use of wool, but it also comes with all the benefits of it, and it’s so lovely that your animals love it as well. Thank you for your support!

Love the latex pillow

I’m very pleased with the shredded latex pillow! It’s quite a different feeling, but I love how supportive it is. Also, the scent of rubber was pretty strong at first, so I left it to air out for several days before using it. I like the shredded latex because I could remove some of the filling to get just the right loft and density.

Hi Vicky, so glad you ended up liking the shredded pillow! It’s definitely wins points in being adjustable as well. It’s true that some of the pillows may have a scent, but that’s evidence that it hasn’t been treated with chemicals, so you’re definitely getting an all natural pillow. Thank you so much for your review!

Bed Frame Slats
Roberta French
Bed Slats

Excellent product, excellent customer service!

Hi Roberta! It's great to be able to get you your slats and provide you such a great experience too. Thank you!

Magnesium Spray

Really like the product, I use it every night! The experience at Black Sheep was fantastic. I appreciate a locally owned store distributes local products.

Hi! Thank you for taking the time to leave us a review. The magnesium spray works wonders! We appreciate you coming out to support us. Thank you!

Bed Frame Slats
Gil Herrnstadt
Quality bed slats

Quality product that will certainly last. Appreciate the communication. Very pleased with our purchase

Hi Gil, thank you for your review! Glad the slats are working for you. Appreciate the support and kind words!

Devon Mattress
Dionne Caldwell
Perfect Mattress

I love this mattress so much. It's the right amount of supportive and soft which helps me have less hip pain at night as a side sleeper. I also got the pillows and they are a dream. Thank you!

Hi Dionne! Thank you for taking the time to leave us a review. Happy to know that the Devon is a great fit for you and that you’re getting less hip pain. Pillows are always the finishing touch to a good sleep. Wishing you the best sleep!

Oxford 9" Latex Mattress
Louise & David Smith
Amazing Mattress

Love my Black Sheep Mattress and so proud to know they are made in Calgary. The multi-layers make for a very comfortable sleep and have personally eliminated some of the back pain I experience. My wife loves that she feels cooler at night and we both feel much more rested over the past month since getting this mattress.

Hi Louise and David, thank you for your review and support of Black Sheep as a local business! Getting a comfortable sleep is important and we’re glad that the Oxford was able to help with your back pain, as well as giving you a cooler sleep. Wishing you many night of restful sleep!