Tree Planting Program

 The Black Sheep Forest 

We're proud to announce that we have partnered with local Alberta company,
Wearth Farms, for our tree planting program!

Sustainability has always been at the forefront of our business, so we are very excited to get involved and help build a sustainable future.

Visit our virtual forest!

How does it work?

One Mattress, One Tree

For every mattress ordered, we will plant a tree with Wearth Farms. 

Visit our virtual forest and watch our forest grow as we plant more and more trees, all thanks to you!

A Tree For Every Share

We now include Made-By Black Sheep cards with all orders. Take a photo of this card with your new product(s), share the photo on Instagram or Facebook, tag us, and we'll plant an additional tree!

You will get a unique tree code sent to you where you can add your name, a message, and even a photo to your very own tree in our virtual forest.

Where are we planting?

Welcome to Smeaton, SK

Wearth Farms is currently planting in Smeaton, Saskatchewan. Smeaton is a small village with just under 200 residents, 200kms northeast of Saskatoon. This is where our real trees are being planted and cared for!

The Trees and the Land

For every location that Wearth selects, they always do a thorough site walk-through to scope out the land. They
only plant native species on conserved land and do check-ins to make sure that the trees have taken to the environment. This means that it isn't a temporary forest, but a forest that will continue to grow for many generations. There's no magic shortcut to planting, they do things the traditional way, by hand with shovels.

      Meet Our Partner

      Wearth Farms was founded by two Albertans, Brad Rabiey and his wife Rebecca, back in 2007. Being a third generation farmer himself, Brad shares his first-hand experience and vision of sustainable farming to landowners all across Canada.

      Other than their Forest Farmer program, Wearth also provides a carbon offset program and is currently working on a certified organic farm-to-table initiative. Read more about Wearth's programs and story here!

      How Did We Choose our Partner?

      We pride ourselves in being super selective not only on what our materials are and where they are sourced, but also who we work with. It’s important for us to choose partners who align with our values and are transparent about what they do. For that reason, we spoke with numerous companies and organizations and had plenty of back and forth before we decided on Wearth Farms. We were particularly attracted to Wearth’s:

      • Careful selection of land and also planting only native species
      • Dedication to the aftercare of the trees and the site
      • The transparency of their project
      • How cognizant they are industry best (and worst) practices
      • Their strong focus on the integrity of their work