Latex Mattresses

The Oxford Mattress is our most customizable model, crafted with layers of natural latex encased in an organic cotton and wool case.

Natural latex is highly durable and breathable, rivalling the support and comfort of memory foam, but without the off-gassing odours and heat-trapping characteristics of memory foam's synthetic materials. It has a natural springiness that returns to its form during the day. 

Perfect for couples, the split-profile option for queen and king size beds can accommodate both partners’ unique sleep requirements, and minimizes weight transfer from a partner's movements. 

For online orders, choose a firmness on a scale of 1 to 5, from soft to firm (on each side for queen and king beds). Even greater customization is possible for in-store or phone orders. 

Customers also have the choice of a 12", 9" or 7" mattress height. See individual product pages for additional details or visit our Choosing a Mattress guide for more information.