Sustainability is a word that you spot all over company’s value boards lately. But unfortunately, it’s still not very commonly practiced in the mattress industry. Each year, 6 million mattresses end up in landfill in Canada – a significant burden on city landfills and the environment. That contributes to 60 million kilograms of waste and occupies over 850 thousand cubic meters of space in landfill.

Our Circular Vision

Our goal at Black Sheep is to create a more circular economy for the mattress industry compared to the more common model of make, take, dispose. This includes sourcing renewable materials, designing adjustable products focusing on longevity, to the post-consumer stage of repurposing and recycling. We build everything with the sustainability of the business in mind. 
Our products are built to last, so there is less mattress shopping for you and less mattresses in the landfill too. 

Click into the initiatives below for more information on how we contribute to creating a greener business and a greener future. 

Mattress Recycling Program

For our customers in the Calgary area, we offer a complimentary mattress recycling service offered through our friends, Re-Matt Inc. 

In 2021, we recycled over 170 mattresses that would've ended up in landfill! 

Renewable Energy with BullFrog Power

Since 2011, we have been offsetting our energy use with BullFrog Power.
Curious as to how much CO2e we've offset in the 11 years? Click here to find out!

Tree Planting Program 

We successfully launched our very own tree planting program in 2021 with WEARTH. Click here to read more about this initiative! 

Upcycled Products 

What's one man's trash is another man's treasure. 
This is especially true considering the high quality materials that we use. Instead of tossing the cutoffs from our mattress building process, we give these items a second life but utilizing them in other products! 
View our upcycled products collection to shop unique, one-of-a-kind products!