Handmade Decorative Sheep

Our namesake critters come in 3 sizes and many ewe-nique styles. Each is carefully hand-stitched with love (and intricate detail!) and adds a warm, adorable touch to any room. No two are the same, each one has its own look and name!


More Information

Please note: they may look cuddly enough to play with, but these sheep are delicate and contain small pieces - they're intended for decoration only and not as toys.

To purchase, select the name of the sheep you want. (Clicking on a name will bring up the photo of that sheep). 

Different sheep are being added all the time so check back later for more options!

Prices & Names: 

Small - $65 - Available in-shop only at the moment

Medium - $140 - John Junior, Papa John, Dandy Lion

Large - $200 - Edward the Elf, Aunt Betty, Just Oliver