Oxford 12" natural latex mattress on padded base platform bed with matching headboard
Internal natural Talalay latex layers wrapped in organic cotton muslin of the Oxford 12" natural latex mattress
Natural materials that make up the Oxford 12" natural latex mattress including natural talalay latex, organic cotton & wool case, organic cotton fabric, tencel fabric
Graphic showing three Oxford all natural latex mattresses including the Oxford 7" with three layers, the Oxford 9" with four layers, and the Oxford 12" with five layers

Oxford 12" Latex Mattress

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Firmness (Side One)
Firmness (Side Two)

Most of our products are built to order. Below are our current lead times.
Please contact us if you need your order by a certain date.

Mattresses: 2-3 weeks
Crib Mattresses: 1-2 weeks
Toppers: 2-3 weeks
Bases: 2-3 weeks
Slats, Bunkie Boards: 1-2 weeks
Accessories & Bedding (protectors, pillows, sheet sets, linen sprays, masks, toys, dryer balls): Shipped out in 2-6 days.

Our Latex Mattress // 100% NATURAL TALALAY LATEX //

The Oxford 12" latex mattress is our most robust and luxurious option. With 5 layers of natural Talalay latex, encased in an organic cotton and quilted wool case, experience the ultimate support with a highly customized feel to meet your unique sleeping needs. 

Natural latex is unique in feel in that it has natural pushback, sleeps much cooler than synthetic foams, and is excellent at reducing motion transfer. Unlike memory foam, it is not heat-activated, nor does it have the typical memory foam "sink" sensation.

The Oxford is perfect for couples, as the split-profile option can accommodate both partners’ unique sleep requirements and minimize movement transfer. Our Oxford model is also adjustable base friendly.

See our Choosing a Mattress Guide for more details on how to choose a firmness, and to compare the Oxford with other models. Not sure if you have the proper foundation? Check out our Choosing a Foundation Guide for more information.


To simplify online ordering, we offer 5 firmnesses to choose from. That being said, the 5 layers of latex, each with their own customizable density, allow for an endless range of firmnesses, support and feel, far beyond what we can display online. For special requests, or to explore our greater range of options, please
call or visit us in the shop.

For Queen and King sizes, it can be built dual-profile (where the two halves are different firmnesses).

*Be sure to select a firmness for each side when ordering a King or Queen bed. For Twin and Full mattresses, you must select the same firmness for both "sides", as they cannot be made dual-profile.

Case Material

There are two options for the case material of the mattress. 
Please note that the case might differ from the photos.

These are the standard case materials we use depending on the firmness chosen:
Soft & Medium-Soft: Tencel Top Case
Medium, Medium-Firm, Firm: Organic Cotton Stretch Case (pictured)

Please let us know if you would like us to use a specific material for your mattress, otherwise we will go by the information provided above. If you have two different firmnesses, we will choose the case material according to the softer side of the mattress.

Set Up

This mattress arrives deconstructed with a separate case and layers of latex wrapped in cotton muslin. Set up instructions are provided. Queen and Kings come in half layers so each side will be "built" inside the mattress according to firmness.


This Oxford has a
12" depth.

We adhere to standard dimensions as much as possible. Please note the dimensions are give or take an inch, as our mattresses are handmade and materials can vary.

Twin: 75"L x 38"W
Twin XL: 80"L x 38"W
Full: 75"L x 54"W
Queen: 80"L x 60"W
King: 80"L x 76"W
Cali-King: 84"L x 72"W


Natural Talalay Latex
is rubber from the rubber tree (Hevea Brasiliensis). It is free of chemicals and synthetic add-ins and comes in many densities to choose from. Cradle-to-Cradle Gold, Oeko-Tex 100 (Product Class 1), and Eco Institut certified.

Please note that our materials can change over time so if you'd like to place a repeat order, we ask that you reach out to us to see if that product has evolved since you last purchased. 

For more in-depth information, please visit Our Materials.


For longevity, the internal layers of this mattress should be flipped
once every 4-6 months. We strongly recommend making sure you have the proper foundation to support your mattress. For more information visit our Choosing a Foundation page.

We recommend using a mattress protector to prevent spills and stains from damaging your mattress.

Did you know?
Your mattress Plants a Tree

We've partnered with Wearth Farms to plant a tree on your behalf.

Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews
Mike Bond
Worth every penny

We have had our bed for just over a month, and I’ve been late for work 3 times from oversleeping. Thanks for making me sleep like a baby again!

Reviewer avatar
Kris Bennion
When I tell you this is the best mattress ever

No seriously. It’s the best mattress ever. Nothing compares to u? No. Nothing compares to this mattress. I got my side softer than Daryl’s Super Soft Birthday Party. (1-1-2-5-5) and my hubby got his at between a soft and a medium (1-2-4-5-5). I just flipped mine to try it at 2-1-1-5-5 (because can YOU change the firmness of YOUR mattress whenever you want? Didn’t think so, JANICE) and I love it even more. THERE’S ALSO 90 DAYS TO DECIDE IF YOU WANT TO ADJUST THE FIRMNESS. How’s that for stellar service.

Just go buy the mattress? Why are you waiting? Your best sleep is waiting!

Hi Kris, this is amazing! We really enjoyed reading your review and super glad you love your Oxford. Wishing you the best sleep!

Sue and Bill Bradley
Best bed ever!

After the first night of sleep on this new Oxford mattress, 10 years of back pain magically disappeared. Feels like we are sleeping inside a warm (but not too hot) hug all night. Thank you for exceptional service ! No hardcore pushy salesmanship just competence from the moment we entered the showroom and dealt with Sarah to the delivery and install by Matt and Matt (very appropriate names for mattress delivery guys!)

Hi Sue & Bill, that’s so great to hear that you’ve been sleeping better now with the Oxford! It’s so nice to hear it’s like the hug you needed for a good sleep and that it even helped with your back pain. We’ll let our team know that you appreciated working with them. Thank you!

Gregory & Patrice Berko
Great service

We visited the store and received a lot of information concerning their mattresses. Our choice for a firm mattress was a latex layer and two coconut layers. There was not really a big adjustment period but we were happy that their was a 90 day period to make any needed changes to the configuration. We did have a problem with our head and footboard being shorter than the standard, but our mattress was adjusted and returned the same day. Thanks to Mike and Tony for such great service. Much appreciated!

Hi Gregory & Patrice, thank you for your review! We’re glad we were able to make the changes that you needed for your Oxford. We’ll let Mike and Tony know what a great job they’ve done!

Ron & Sherry Kitt
First Ever Custom Mattress!

Thank you Black Sheep Mattress for our new latex mattress and wool topper! Every couple knows how difficult it is to find a mattress that fits both of their needs. Christian and all the staff take the time you need to choose the best fit for each person. Even if that means coming to the store several times to make sure.
As we expected there was a transition period to get used to the new mattress. Once we were used to the new bed we added the Wool Topper.
This bed has perfect support with superior comfort.
Great to have a company like this in Calgary!

Thank you for the review and congratulations on your first custom mattress!
We're so happy to hear that Christian and the team were able to help you find the perfect mattress. We want you to be comfortable and confident with your decision so whatever it takes to make sure you have it right, even if that means stopping in several times (it can really help, can't it!). We wish you two many more nights of comfortable sleep! :)