Suffolk spring mattress on top of padded base platform bed with natural latex pillows on top
Suffolk spring mattress on top of padded base
Suffolk spring mattress on top of padded base platform bed
Close up of Suffolk spring mattress with organic cotton fabric case
Natural materials of Suffolk spring mattress including wool, cotton, organic cotton fabric, and pocket coil spring
Suffolk Mattress

Suffolk Mattress

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Most of our products are built to order. Below are our current lead times.
Please contact us if you need your order by a certain date.

Mattresses: 4-5 weeks
Crib Mattresses: 1-2 weeks
Toppers: 2-3 weeks
Bases: 2-3 weeks
Slats, Bunkie Boards: 1-2 weeks
Accessories & Bedding (protectors, pillows, sheet sets, linen sprays, masks, toys, dryer balls): Shipped out in 2-6 days.

Our Spring Mattress // WOOL // COTTON // POCKET COIL SPRINGS // 

A classic, century-old design, the Suffolk combines a durable, high quality spring with thick layers of cotton and wool in an organic cotton case. This mattress is flippable and rotatable, which allows the natural fibres to rest and bounce back after being compressed. Easily our most popular option for children and teens, but a favourite for all ages. 

See our Choosing a Mattress Guide for more details and to compare the Suffolk to other models. Not sure if you have the proper foundation? Check out our Choosing a Foundation Guide for more information.


This is a medium-firm mattress (#4 on our 1-5 scale), perfect for those who like a little softness with plenty of support.
*Please note: unlike our other mattress models, the firmness of the Suffolk cannot be adjusted.


The Suffolk has a 12" depth.

We adhere to standard dimensions as much as possible. Please note the dimensions are give or take an inch, as our mattresses are handmade and materials can vary.

Twin: 75"L x 38"W
Twin XL: 80"L x 38"W
Full: 75"L x 54"W
Queen: 80"L x 60"W
King: 80"L x 76"W


Pocket coil springs are the most popular with adults, as they provide ample support with some contouring effect (to ease pressure points), and minimize movement transfer between partners.

Natural Wool Batting

Natural Cotton Batting

100% GOTS certified Organic Cotton Herringbone Fabric

Please note that our materials can change over time so if you'd like to place a repeat order, we ask that you reach out to us to see if that product has evolved since you last purchased.

For more in-depth information, please visit Our Materials.


This mattress must be flipped once every 3 months at a minimum. We strongly recommend making sure you have the proper foundation to support your mattress. For more information visit our Choosing a Foundation page.

We recommend using a mattress protector to prevent spills and stains from damaging your mattress.

Did you know?
Your mattress Plants a Tree

We've partnered with Wearth Farms to plant a tree on your behalf.

Customer Reviews

Based on 58 reviews
Lovely big kid bed

My son recently moved in to his first big kid bed. He woke up after his first night and said "I love my bed, do I get to keep it?"
It is so comfortable and we all sleep better knowing it's made from natural materials. Thanks Black Sheep.

That’s so precious! We’re happy to hear he loves his first big kid bed. Wishing him many nights of sound sleep and sweet dreams.

Dwayne Zaba

A beautiful, firm mattress and outstanding service!

Hi Dwayne, thank you for your review! Enjoy plenty of sleep and sweet dreams on the Suffolk.

Suffolk Queen Mattress

I was overwhelmed by the choice and price of natural latex mattresses on the market. Glad I came across this company where I could order a traditional matress made with healthy materials (wool and cotton) at a price we could afford. It is solidly made (a heavier mattress) and we are sleeping very well on it. The wool is warm (unexpected) which works well for where we live (Saskatchewan). Black Sheep Matress Company was very responsive to inquiries along the way. We are pleased with our mattress.

Hi Rachele,
Thank you for your review! We’re happy to hear you appreciate the Suffolk mattress and that you’re sleeping well on it. Natural fibres are amazing for temperature regulation, so it’s great that it’s keeping you warm all the way in Saskatchewan. We’re glad to have been able to help with your sleep journey!

Naveen Mangala
The best mattress!

Incredibly pleased with my Suffolk Queen mattress! This is my most comfortable mattress by far; the fact that it's natural, organic, and sustainable makes me feel great about the purchase. I also love the aromatic scent of the wool and natural stuff used in it. I plan on trying your other products. Would love any deals on pillows and other sleep accessories:)

Thank you Naveen for your review! We’re so glad you love the Suffolk mattress and the fact that we’re all natural and sustainable. That’s what we try our best to do - deliver a great mattress that’s healthy for us and the environment. We’ll see you sometime in the future and we’ll be happy to show you around our other accessories!

Jerry M.
Quality Product, Quality Service

Shopping for a mattress among traditional retailers can be a frustrating experience. The two or three “big name” manufacturers seem to control the market with strikingly similar offerings, often correlating comfort and orthopedic benefits with ever-deepening, stacked layers of memory foam. Most mattresses are doomed to premature obsolescence due to the fact that they can no longer be flipped, since the surfaces aren’t symmetrical. The sales staff tends to be preoccupied with questionable technological triumphs rather than appreciation of a customer’s personal preferences.
Our search parameters were quite simple: a reasonably firm mattress with pocket coil construction, an even surface with adequate loft for a comfortable temperature environment and the ability to flip/rotate to extend the anticipated lifespan of the product.
An online search led us to the Black Sheep Mattress Company, a family-owned and operated business in Calgary, Alberta. The mattresses are hand-crafted on site from carefully selected materials. There is a wide selection of mattress styles, bases, as well as pillows and a full range of essential quality bedding products. What sets this business apart is the knowledge and personal commitment of the owners and staff to patiently assist the client to make an optimal choice which will provide lasting comfort. Visits to the showroom are by appointment, which ensures privacy and provides the time it takes to compare products and make informed choices. In our case we were welcomed by Christian, the owner, who patiently guided our search to focus on three potential choices. We opted for the “Suffolk”, confident that it represented a product which will serve us well for many years to come. The pricing across the range of products is competitive with that of the mainstream vendors, especially considering the hand- crafting that goes into each mattress they make. We were delighted to view the production area of the business to witness first-hand the construction methods and the array of materials they use. As a final touch, we opted for Black Sheep’s “White Glove Delivery Service”, which included a scheduled delivery of our mattress right to the bed frame, some 300 km remote from the business. Our previous mattress was cheerfully removed for recycling. We are very pleased with our new mattress and would not hesitate to recommend the Black Sheep Mattress Company based on their excellent array of products, impeccable business ethics, and their enlightened approach to their clients’ halcyon preferences.

Hi Jerry,
Wow. Thank you so much for taking the time to write out such a thoughtful review! We were thrilled to hear that you had a great experience working with us from start to finish. We shared your review with everyone on our team-- after all, this is what we all work hard for, assisting customers to find their perfect mattress. Thank you for supporting a local business and sharing your thoughts, they really mean so much for small businesses like ourselves. We wish you many more wonderful nights of great sleep!