Oxford 12" Latex Mattress

*Be sure to select a firmness for each side when ordering a King or Queen bed. For single and double beds, select same firmness for both "sides".

The 12" Oxford is our most robust and luxurious option. With 5 layers of natural latex, encased in an organic cotton and wool case, experience the ultimate support with a highly customized feel to meet your unique sleeping needs.  

The Oxford is perfect for couples, as the split-profile option can accommodate both partners’ unique sleep requirements and minimize movement transfer.

See our Choosing a Mattress Guide for more details, and to compare models. 

More Information

Additional Customization:

The 5 layers of latex, each with their own customizable density, allows for an endless range of firmnesses, support and feel, far beyond what we can display online. For special requests, or to explore our greater range of options, please call or visit us in the shop.

Our Oxford model is adjustable base friendly and best suited out of our three styles of mattress.

Outer Case Material: 

*Cover material might differ from the photos*
There are two options for the outer cover of the mattress. These are the standard cover materials we currently use depending on the firmness chosen:

Soft & medium-soft: Tencel Top Cover

Medium, medium-firm, & firm: Organic Cotton Stretch Top Cover

Please let us know if you would like us to use a specific material for your mattress, otherwise we will go by the information provided above.

Please note that our materials can change over time so if you want to place a repeat order, please reach out to us to see if that product has evolved since you last purchased.

**Current build time for mattresses, bases and toppers is approximately 6 weeks from the date you place your order due to supplier delays. If the materials are available, your mattress may be completed sooner. If you require it by a particular day, please contact us to discuss options.