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Devon Mattress

Having travelled Europa and slept on many different mattresses and pillows. It was a delight to sleep again on our new Black Sheep mattras .

That's wonderful to hear, thank you Jim & Joanne! All the best from our team.
Great pillow!

Very happy with the two pillows. Best ever owned! They keep their shape and provide good neck support.

Hi Keith! So great to hear that you love our pillows. Thank you for your review!
Best mattress ever!

We love this mattress! So comfortable, supportive, yet still some softness. We have medium soft. Not hot like so many memory foam mattresses. Very impressed with the showroom, informative staff, loved seeing the workshop where they are made. Delivery was very good. Will recommend to friends!

Hi Keith! Your review is much appreciated. We loved helping you out in our showroom and hope the new bed brings you many restful nights. Thank you!

Staff were extremely helpful as to what matress best supports my mother. She has been really pleased and enjoys the bed while staying with us as she heals.

Thank you, Paula! We appreciate the feedback and hope your mother continues to get restful sleep on her new bed. Warm wishes from our team!
Great Bed Frame and Bed

My mother was released from the hospital in to our home. She loves her new bed.
I received excellent service and am very happy with my mother's bed. I can't say enough great things about this company and the quality of their work.

Would recommend and do recommend to all friends and family.

Hi Paula, thank you so much for your review! We're very happy to hear your mother loves her new bed and we really appreciate the recommendations. All the best!
Natural Bedding Greatness!

These sheets are smooth, soft, and wonderful to sleep on. Love that individual sheeting is offered, rather than buying a whole set!

Thank you, Jennifer! So glad you love the sheets.
The most comfortable pillows I have ever owned!

These talalay latex pillows are beyond my expectations! I have never slept so well. I usually toss and turn all night battling with neck discomfort, and these pillows have completely mitigated that problem! I need to go back and buy more. Amazing!

Hi Jennifer, thank you for the review! Great hearing you love our pillows as much as we do :) All the best from our team!

Bought a Suffolk mattress for our daughter who has allergy issues. Great upgrade from what she had previously. Very comfortable and well made.

Hi Ken! Thank you for the feedback - we love hearing that your daughter is finding her mattress very comfortable. Warm wishes from our team!
Our second mattress, and we are not disappointed!

1. I searched different local and online companies for organic and natural mattresses, and Black Sheep by far had the best prices and best "ingredients"
2. The customer service is great. We purchased our first mattress 5 years ago, and they remembered our family when they came to deliver our second mattress. It was set up right on the bed.
3. My kids have been sleeping well. I find that they are not overheating, which was happening with the old one we had.
4. I am also sleeping well knowing that my kids are sleeping many, many hours on a clean, safe mattress.

Hi Tanveer! It was so wonderful seeing your family again. Thank you for your loyalty and for being an awesome customer. All the best to you and yours!
Happy customers :)

We really like our Devon mattress. It took us a few weeks to break it in (as expected) but we are very happy with it. Black sheep mattresses are not cheap but also not unreasonable and we think it is worth the money for the quality. A good night’s sleep is important to us and you don’t realize it until you have slept on a poor mattress and now have a great mattress! We have recommended it to our family and friends.

Hi Sylvia, thank you for your review and for recommending us to your friends and family!
not likely to get published

I ordered queen mattress.It was too firm and I was getting sore hips - so I had it adjusted from a 5 to a 2. Problem still existed. I was told that as I weighed over 200 lbs (230 ) I was bottoming out
and required a topper - latex - another large investment. I bought the topper and all problems solved- bed is a five with the topper. My only concern is that when I bought the mattress I expressed concern over it supporting my weight and should have been advised at that time that a topper was advisable. So if you weigh over 200 lbs get the full meal deal. Customer service was good . The pillows are awesome.

Hi Doug, your feedback is much appreciated! Our apologies that you weren't advised of the option of adding the topper to the Devon at the time of your visit to our showroom. Our 'pillowtop' is something we make separate for the very reason that you can add it after trying out the mattress by itself but in certain cases, the combination of the mattress and topper is ideal for comfort. We are very happy to hear that the new combination is working well for you and really hope you continue to get restful sleeps on your new bed. Thank you for your review!
High quality pillows!

This pillow is the best. Perfect loft, always comes back to its original shape. And no chemically smell too!

We've gotta admit - we love our pillows just as much as you do! Thank you!
Total quality!

Lovely feel and non-bunching. (Is that a word?!) Couldn’t be happier.

It's a word in our dictionary! Sounds awesome, thank you Jane!
Great Product

We have had our bed for 2 months now and love it. My husband snoring has reduced and I have found I am sleeping through the night more soundly.

So great to hear you're sleeping well, Jan! We appreciate your review.
Every night is a great sleep

Best mattress I have ever owned or used. It is cushy without being soft. So glad we decided to prchase the classic bed base.

Thank you for the review, Pat! It was great having you in our showroom and we hope the new bed brings you many restful sleeps!
Great Sheets!

I opted for the sheets as the bonus with my mattress purchase. I love them. Cool and comfortable. :-)

Awesome, thank you!
Great Comfy matress

Loving it. Much improved sleep. Fantastic support from Black Sheep for the setup.

Great to hear, thank you Leslie!
Great bed frame

stylish, effective for supporting my new mattress. Great support from Black Sheep for setup.

Thank you, Leslie!
Oxord Latex mattress

I have now slept on my Oxford Latex mattress for about 2 months. I initially thought I needed a very firm mattress, but when they say "firm" they really do mean firm! I have switched out a couple of the firmer layers for some that were softer and can absolutely say that I LOVE my mattress. From day 1, my back felt like I was a teenager again, no pain, straight, aligned. As someone who has spent literally thousands of dollars over the past decade on mattresses that promised a good nite's sleep but never delivered, this mattress has. I am in a heavier weight range (270 lbs +) and every mattress has ended up with me sleeping in a trough or dip within months, leaving me with pain. Not so with Black Sheep's latex mattress. I no longer wake up in pain from my back. Don't get me wrong, I work in heavy equipment, pipelines, culverts etc and my back is always in pain, but this mattress has aleviated the majority of it; An added bonus - my wife says she can now hear the TV over my snoring, and for some reason, my restless leg syndrome has been calmed significantly - I have no idea why. Bottom line ... this mattress has made a tremendous difference in my pain level, I have better sleep, I feel rested upon awakening. Christian & his Dad and the rest of the Black Sheep staff have gone out of their way to ensure my satisfaction and I have no reservations or hesitation in giving them the highest praise for their service & product. Worth every penny - it's my health and I am extremely fortunate to have found Black Sheep.

Wow, thank you for your review Rob! We loved helping you and Nancy out in our showroom and are so glad you've found the bed that works for you! Hearing the positive impact the mattress is having on your health is what makes us so much more motivated to continue doing what we do. We really appreciate your feedback!
Oxford Latex mattress

I have had the pleasure of sleeping on my Oxford mattress for about 2 months now. Initially I thought I needed an "extra-firm" mattress so purchased the Oxford Latex. Well - when they say firm they reall do mea;fda

Thanks Rob!
Sweet, sweet slumber with Black Sheep!

A fantastic bed. Period.

Thanks so much Barb!
Fantastic matress and Black Sheep support!

I am loving the comfort and resulting great sleep on my new mattress. The guidance for choosing the right mattress and then installation was easy and smooth including quick repair of a small defect in the mattress pad. Thank you!!!

Hi Leslie! We love hearing that you're getting great sleep and thank you for the awesome feedback! All the best to you from our team.
So comfortable and supportive

This mattress is so welcoming for my body to sleep on. Amazing thermoregulation - I no longer wake up hot, comfortable, and safe!! With a sensitive system, this has been so nourishing for my immune and nervous system! Sleeping on a mattress that I know is filled with natural fibres in their natural state brings such peace of mind! And a final note - it was so special to have the bed hand delivered by the owner and his Dad!! A company grounded in true service!

Hi Nicola! We love knowing that you're sleeping well on your new mattress. Thank you for choosing us and for your wonderful review!

Great mattress! I recommended to friends. Thanks!!

Thanks, Hirokazu! We really appreciate your review and recommendations to your friends.
Very comfortable and wonderful quality!

I had neck problems for several years and I thought it had to do with my own health and jaw issues, but in fact it was from my last bed and pillows - but when I got my recent bed, mattress and pillows from Black Sheep Mattress Company, I have been sleeping much more soundly and do not wake up with pain. The products are all naturally made and you don't have to worry about any industrial chemical smells when you receive your products either. These products are more than good enough quality for the price that you pay! Wonderful staff to deal with as well at the store. All around, very happy and satisfied with everything.

We really appreciate your review Joseph! Hearing that you no longer wake up in pain makes us want to work even harder to build great products. Thank you thank you!