Jars of natural talalay latex and shredded natural talalay latex with two shredded natural latex pillows in the background

Shredded Natural Latex Pillow

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Our shredded pillows are made from 100% natural Talalay latex with an organic cotton cover. These pillows are made from the same material that is in our mattresses, but shredded into small bits.

The low profile version is good for back sleepers or those who like a lower profile feel. The high profile version is good for side sleepers or those who like a higher profile feel. Shredded latex gives a dense but moldable feel.

Our shredded latex pillow comes in a zippered case so you can remove material if you'd like.

*Please note we can not accommodate returns or exchanges for pillows.

Queen Size Pillows

This pillow comes in two versions:

Low Profile

  • Medium-soft
  • 4.0lbs of material

High Profile

  • Medium
  • 5.5lbs of material

King Size Pillows

This pillow comes in two versions:

Low Profile

  • Medium-soft
  • 5.5lbs of material

High Profile

  • Medium
  • 7.0lbs of material


      Natural Talalay Latex is rubber from the rubber tree. It is free of chemicals and synthetic add-ins and comes in different densities to choose from.


      Our pillows themselves do not require washing, but can be spot cleaned with warm water and a mild soap. After spot cleaning, rinse with warm water and dry thoroughly at room temperature, away from heat and light. Never place in a machine washer or dryer.

      We recommend replacing your pillow every 2-4 years.

      Did you know?
      Your mattress Plants a Tree

      We've partnered with Wearth Farms to plant a tree on your behalf.

      Customer Reviews

      Based on 5 reviews
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      Kris Bennion
      Like hugging a cloud when you sleep

      That’s the review. If you like squishing clouds in order to sleep - you’ll love these pillows. They squish however you want them to. Unlike the boyfriend you’re trying to cuddle with. Pick the pillow. It loves you more.

      Hi Kris, happy to hear that you’re loving the pillow and that it’s as good… or even better than a boyfriend! Wishing you plenty of sweet dreams.

      Love the latex pillow

      I’m very pleased with the shredded latex pillow! It’s quite a different feeling, but I love how supportive it is. Also, the scent of rubber was pretty strong at first, so I left it to air out for several days before using it. I like the shredded latex because I could remove some of the filling to get just the right loft and density.

      Hi Vicky, so glad you ended up liking the shredded pillow! It’s definitely wins points in being adjustable as well. It’s true that some of the pillows may have a scent, but that’s evidence that it hasn’t been treated with chemicals, so you’re definitely getting an all natural pillow. Thank you so much for your review!

      Maria Bekropoulos
      Who doesn’t love pillows?

      I got 2 pillows with my bed and I will be ordering a couple more. I use many pillows I like to be surrounded in them. These hold their shape and keep me in line all night. I wish they made my body pillow in their materials. I’d get that in a heartbeat! It would be the equivalent of 5 pillows lol. Sinking into pillows makes any problem seem like there’s no problem I can’t deal with tomorrow & good night Zzzzzzzz. It’s all about sleep for me.

      Hi Maria, thank you for your review. We totally get it! A good pillow (or several) makes all the difference. We’re glad to hear that the pillows are working out so well for you. We might be working on different pillow options, so do stay tuned!

      Great pillows

      These pillows are very good quality. It is great that you can remove some of the latex for your preference as to the height of the pillow. It took a few nights to adjust, but now we both really like our pillows. The latex smell was quite strong and took time and airing out to dissipate. It is wonderful to know that the latex is non-toxic though. This is the reason we go to Black Sheep for products, knowing they are so healthy. The pillows really do need a second cover, which really should be included at this price point. It would be very helpful to be able to remove a cover and wash it.

      Hi Jen, we’re so glad you really like the shredded pillows! It’s definitely the more customizable pillow that we carry where you can adjust the height to your comfort, so it’s great you were able to find the height that best suits your sleep. The latex does have a natural scent because it hasn’t been treated with chemicals, but it does go away after a while. We thank you for your feedback and wish you many nights of restful sleep!

      James Kulus
      Most comfortable Pillow

      I have tried many pillows in my time and all I can say is the pillow I recently purchased from BlackSheep is the most comfortable pillow I have slept on. I got the Medium high firmness, as I love a firm pillow and for those you love something a little less firm there is a medium low version. Worth a visit to their store to check out their pillows and mattress which are all hand made to your specific requirements.

      Hi James! Thank you for your review. It’s true we have different pillows for different preferences! Glad that we were able to get you the right pillow and you’re getting the comfort you need from it. Thank you for recommending us and we wish you many nights of restful sleep!