How to Reset Your Sleep Schedule With Daylight Savings

Just when we thought we had the clocks figured out, it’s time to spring forward. An hour might not seem like a drastic change, but losing an hour of much needed sleep can impact our health and ability to focus. To help minimize interruptions to your routine we've included 
a few of our favourite tips for navigating the time change. 

Get High-Quality Sleep

While losing an hour of sleep is hard, it’s even harder when the hours you do sleep aren’t restful. Investing in high-quality sleep products, such as our custom handmade mattresses customizable mattresses from Black Sheep Mattress Co., can significantly improve your sleep experience year-round. If you’re looking for a special added touch to your Black Sheep Mattress, you can upgrade your sleep routine with other high-quality, organic, non-toxic enhancements such as our Organic Cotton Sheet Sets, Natural Latex Pillows, Magnesium Sleep Spray, and Organic Cotton Blankets.

Transition Slowly

Gradually moving up your bedtime by 15 minutes leading up to Sunday, March 10, can help mitigate the abruptness of the time change. Parents, this is also a great habit to try with your children. Since it’s a bit more difficult for kids to conceptualize the time change, this will ensure they aren’t waking you up any earlier than they need to, maybe even winning them pancakes for Sunday morning breakfast. 

Don't Book Any Major Appointments or Meetings

Thanks to our digital devices that transition on their own, we won’t need to worry about showing up an hour late. However, the shift in time may disrupt your ability to fall asleep at your usual bedtime, which might lead to feelings of grogginess. If your schedule permits, put off scheduling important events or meetings for the next couple of days to allow yourself time to adjust.

Here’s to getting one step closer to spring!

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