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Panorama shot of mountains and Talus Lodge

Set in the heart of the majestic Rocky Mountains, Talus Lodge is an experience that you should definitely consider adding to your bucket list. This high alpine mountain lodge is set in remote Ktunaxa Territory in the East Kootenays, and in the true spirit of adventure, is only accessible by guided hiking, backcountry skiing, or via helicopter!

Talus Lodge

Talus is a back-to-the-basics backcountry lodge that provides all the simple pleasures for the common adventurer, all year round. Thomas Grandi & Sara Renner, who opened the lodge in 2004, wanted to create a business system that “leads in environmental stewardship, grows community and nurtures mountain souls” - and being that they are mountain raised olympic skiers themselves, who better to take on such an endeavor?

Their tenets of earth care, people care, and fair share align with our own values so closely that when Thomas & Sara approached us about adding Black Sheep mattresses to the rooms in their lodge, we were very excited about the opportunity. Getting them there, of course, was going to be a challenge!

Mattress packaged for transportation by helicopter

Let’s just say, it was definitely a first for Black Sheep to have our mattresses transported by helicopter to their final destination.

Mattresses being transported by helicopter

What to expect at Talus Lodge:

The Lodge is a two storey chalet style building featuring accommodations for 10-16 guests and offers 5 bedrooms equipped with our very own Devon Mattresses. There is no Wi-Fi (hallelujah), but there is a sauna!

Interior of Talus Lodge

Though located rather, ahem, remotely, in the rocky mountains, Talus offers many activities to enjoy both in the winter and the summer seasons.

For winter activities, backcountry skiing is the bread and butter at Talus, and the non-avalanche terrain and accessible mountain ridges can accommodate both the inexperienced and the most advanced skiers. Guests can also participate in cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, and tobogganing. Enjoy afternoons exploring the gentle and extensive plateau by the lodge and admire the panoramic view of the peaks at their winter best. Winter access to the Lodge is by helicopter, departing from Canmore, AB.

Winter activity cross-country skiing at Talus Lodge

Summer is the perfect time for those adventurers who are looking for something a bit more challenging than the average hike (read: no marked and few established trails). Hikes at Talus are guided and include meadows, high plateau walking, and occasional ridge walking. Summer access to the Lodge is by guided hiking and provided transportation from Canmore, Alberta.

Hiking at Talus Lodge

One more important thing to mention about Talus is the food.

Yes, that’s right, even high up in the middle of nowhere, the food can be amazing. Mountain comfort food at its best, prepared by Lake O’Hara chef, Chris Parnell, in the summer, and Sidewalk Citizen chefs in the winter. Equally delicious options for both carnivores and vegetarians alike, with wine and beer available for purchase at the lodge for guests to enjoy, soak in the epic views while enjoying a fully catered, hearty mountain food menu, made in house from scratch.

Dessert at Talus Lodge

After a full day of adventure, and a well earned dinner, you can expect an incredible night's rest with the fresh mountain air on one of our wonderful Devon mattresses! (wink, wink)

Black Sheep Mattress Devon hybrid mattress at Talus Lodge

Talus Lodge is a unique place that offers a true back-to-the-basic refuge in the Canadian Rockies. Whether you're looking for a summer escape or a winter wonderland, it is the perfect place to enjoy some time away. Visit their website to learn more about who they are and to inquire about rates and availability.

By the way, as a base camp, or for smaller adventures, you might want to consider Paintbox Lodge. In the heart of Canmore, and with epic breakfasts and small mountain town feel, it is run by the same passionate hosts whose love of the mountains, if you don’t already, you will soon share. Talus Lodge guests receive 10% off (they will waive the two night minimum) and get a free breakfast the day of departure to Talus. Check them out here.

“The greatest gift of life on the mountain is time. Time to think or not think, read or not read, scribble or not scribble—to sleep and cook and walk in the woods, to sit and stare at the shapes of the hills.” - Phillip Connors

Hiking at Talus Lodge

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